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Power Of Purpose Award
The Power of Purpose Award celebrates individuals or groups who embody the spirit of service and demonstrate a deep commitment to living their lives with purpose. Our recipients have made a significant impact in our community, through their leadership and dedication, serving as a catalyst for positive change and an inspiration for others to live purpose-driven lives.

2024 Power Of Purpose Award - Georgia A. Seward

Georgia A. Seward, a native of Arkansas, is proudly serving as an adjunct professor at Baptist Health College Little Rock, instructing critical care nursing students. She began her career at Baptist Health in 1967, and worked in various capacities for 54 years in critical care, nursing supervision, and education. In 1975, while working in the Intensive Care Unit, Georgia helped establish the Central Arkansas Chapter of Critical Care Nurses. Officially retiring in October of 2021, she returned a month later as an adjunct faculty member. Graduating from Baptist Health College Little Rock, formerly known as Arkansas Baptist Hospital, in 1967, Georgia earned a diploma in nursing, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Central Arkansas. Furthering her education, she obtained both her Master’s in Hospital Administration and Nursing from Webster University and Arkansas Tech University. With over 33 years in the military, Georgia served in the United States Army Reserve, holding various leadership roles across Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma, including Chief Nurse and Intensive Care Unit Head Nurse.


Professionally, Georgia dedicates herself to teaching at Baptist Health College of Little Rock, nurturing young individuals to excel as nurses. Her passion for teaching exceeds ordinary standards as she consistently meets the diverse needs of her students. She created the Georgia Seward Endowed Scholarship in 2010 to support nursing students who demonstrate financial need. At her core lies a profound sense of purpose, driving her to instill not only knowledge but shaping students into compassionate caregivers. Recognized in 2018 as one of the Great 100 Nurses in Arkansas, Georgia embodies Baptist Health’s values, guiding students toward their own sense of purpose in nursing.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Georgia actively engages in volunteer work, cherishes moments with her family, sings in her church choir, and indulges in a variety of reading materials. Additionally, Georgia is a member of the Reserve Officers Association and Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society, further showcasing her dedication to service and excellence in nursing.