Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This year will be the second time around that the Heflin brothers, Jay and Marc will team up to co-chair the Baptist Health Little Rock Open. 

We want you to get to know them and see why they accepted the responsibility to co-chair this event with purpose…two years in a row. 

Where did you both grow up?

Jay: Right here in Little Rock.

Who runs your household and why?

Jay: My wife, Andrea, and I have a team approach to running our home. She’s like the coach and I’m the player. I say, “yes ma’am” and do what I’m told. 

Jay Helfin

Marc: For the last 23 years, while we still had children in the house full time, our household has less been “run” than it’s existed as a “merciful chaos”. My wife, Billie and I have different strengths that we try to play to and we do our best not to criticize when the other messes up. In truth, she’s pretty much got it together and she does an admirable job of not rolling her eyes too loudly when I don’t. 

  What is your favorite leisure activity?

Jay: I love to play tennis as much as possible with my brother Marc and my son. A close second is watching anything Razorback related normally with my daughter, who I think may now be the biggest Razorback fan in our entire family.
Marc: Also, my brother and I played college tennis together a LONG time ago and part of the reason I met my wife was through tennis. Since it’s something that I’m fairly good at, thoroughly enjoy and can participate in my entire life, I’d say that tennis is my favorite leisure activity too.
Marc Heflin
Why do you support Baptist Health Foundation?

Jay: The Foundation has the capability of reaching and helping far more people than any individual can touch. I think others should support the Foundation in order to compound the impact that the Baptist Health system can have on our neighbors around the state.

Marc: Our family believes in the mission of Baptist Health and we understand the need for its services in the various communities where it has a presence. Obviously, not being healthcare professionals the best way we can provide support is financially and through the fundraising endeavors of Baptist Health Foundation.

Can you tell me a little more about your relationship with tennis and why you support the Little Rock Open?

Marc: Tennis has been part of my life since I can remember, so being involved with the second longest continuously run pro tourney in the U.S. outside of the US Open, is pretty special. The fact that the proceeds go to support an organization that I believe in due to the work it does in the community makes it that much better. I’d gladly be involved with both organizations independently, so you couldn’t have kept me away from helping out when you put the two together.

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