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Encourage a Nurse to Never Give Up

Do you realize that just $15 can positively impact a day of a nurse’s life? 

After this last year, nurses could have given up. They didn’t.  

Nurses at Baptist Health have bravely cared for COVID-19 patients who have sadly struggled to stay alive and could not have family by their bedsides. In some cases, they have had to help families say goodbye to their loved ones.  

It has been an emotional struggle.  

But nurses continue to sacrifice and serve our community.  

They fight for you today, and will do it again tomorrow. 

Thankfully, we have thousands of nurses at Baptist Health that have compassionately cared for more COVID patients than any other hospital in our state. 

The most amazing thing is $15 can help prepare a nurse for the demanding needs in healthcare.  Your $15 can help make sure dedicated nurses can continue providing quality and life-saving care for patients. 

Nursing is a lifelong learning commitment because healthcare is constantly changing. Training for our caregivers is essential to quality care. In many cases, it makes a difference between life and death for a patient.  

Donors like you have helped us provide tuition assistance for nurses who desire an advanced  degree or specialized certificate. Through our Nursing Excellence fund, we have invested more than $1.6 million in tuition assistance over the years for Baptist Health nurses.  

Will you give $15 towards one day of education for a nurse? 

Like this pandemic, our nurses are persistent. They will never give up.  

Don’t give up on them either. Please make a gift today. 

Your kindness can give them the strength to keep fighting for us and the health of our state…  No matter the situation, because knowledge is power!  

What a special way to champion our committed caregivers. Your gift will show gratitude and  encourage our nurses to never give up.

Donate Now.