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Community Rewards Programs

Shop With Purpose

Supporting the Foundation is simple. In some cases, it’s as easy as shopping. Learn how you can earn rewards
for the Foundation with dollars you’re already spending.


Kroger Community Rewards

Raise money for the Foundation while grocery shopping through Kroger’s Community Rewards program by following
the steps below.

  1. Register for Kroger Community Rewards at Be sure to have your Kroger Plus
    Card handy (Kroger Plus Cards can be obtained at Kroger’s customer service).
  2. Search for and select Baptist Health Foundation as your community rewards beneficiary.
  3. Swipe your Kroger Plus Card when you shop to earn money for the Foundation. Don’t worry, Kroger Community
    Rewards won’t affect your personal Kroger Plus Rewards.

Note:  You can sign-up at anytime but at the beginning of every calendar year you must re-enroll and choose a beneficiary. 

Staley Electric Rewards

When you book your next residential service call and mention the Baptist Health Foundation, Staley Electric will donate 5% of the total bill to Baptist Health Foundation.

To learn more about the electrical services Staley Electric provides, visit

Interested in giving through Community Rewards Programs?

Contact the Foundation

Erica Moore