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NICU Angel Eye Cameras Now Fully Funded

Last year when COVID-19 hit our state, hospital visitor restrictions were devastating for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) families.  This time of uncertainty became even more emotionally traumatic for parents whose babies were fighting for their lives in NICU. 

At Baptist Health, making sure parents have meaningful connections with their beloved babies has always been a priority to us.  We asked for help…  And the amazing response we received from donors is proof that we have a compassionate community.

We are excited to announce that Angel Eye Cameras have been fully funded for all Baptist Health NICU beds in Little Rock and Fort Smith, through generous donations!  Angel Eye Cameras allow parents and their family members to see their babies 24 hours a day.  By logging into a secure account from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones, families can connect with our tiniest patients. 

On any given day, there could be more than 60 babies in our NICU, who may spend weeks, or even months with us, before going home.  In 2020, not every NICU bed had an Angel Eye Camera. 

Tiffany and Daniel Robinson experienced the difference Angel Eye cameras made, when they had a baby in the NICU.  Daniel shared how Angel Eye Cameras were their “Saving grace.”  However, as their precious son got better, he was moved to a bed without a camera and it was mentally devastating for them.

The Robinson’s recognized the stressful impact of COVID-19 on NICU families.  They decided to help ensure every NICU bed was equipped with a camera.  

We are truly grateful to the Robinson’s, Pampers, The Schmieding Foundation, Brown Foundation, Frank D. Hickingbotham Foundation Trust, and many kind donors throughout the state and beyond. The peace of mind your charitable gifts have provided to parents is an absolute blessing.  Thank you for helping families stay connected with their little angels.

Robinson Family in the NICU taken by an Angel Eye camera.
Nebby Robinson in NICU bed taken by an Angel Eye camera.