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Nurturing the Next Generation of Nursing

Baptist Health Foundation is committed to supporting Baptist Health College Little Rock (BHCLR) students on their way to being the next generation of nurses. The amazing caregivers who graduate through BHCLR take pride in being instruments of God’s restorative power through compassionate care.

Here’s a recent example of why our nurses are so special:
In desperate need of medical attention, a man entered through our doors at Baptist Health. Once his medical care was provided, two of his nurses recognized his needs were bigger than his diagnosis. Sadly, he had been living without running water for several months and had not been able to take a warm shower. Our nurses went into action, they made sure he was able to take a shower for as long as he wanted and purchased him new, clean clothes to wear, before he exited our doors. Heroes come in many forms and we are proud to share that this man had been taken care of by two nurse heroes.

BHCLR provides the hands-on environment necessary for nursing students to be fully prepared for the life of service they have chosen. Through opportunities made possible by Baptist Health, Baptist Health Foundation, and generous donors, these students are nurtured to give all their best when serving patients.

Please help us celebrate our next generation of heroes in nursing! Give in support of our Baptist Health College Little Rock students by clicking here.