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What’s Up Doc

This year marks the sixth annual National Physicians Week; a seven-day celebration in honor of doctors that aims to highlight their hard work, dedication, and the difference they make in the lives of others day in and day out throughout the year. 

We thought we’d take some time to visit with one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Blake Phillips. 

What led you to your career?

At each stage of life I have always tried to complete the most difficult tasks. Determined to finish each one, hopeful to excel every step of the way, has led me here. I have a love of anatomy and a mind for organized process and I found along the way that I have a skill for surgery. Neurosurgery was a good fit and is constantly stimulating.

Blake Phillips
Dr. Blake Phillips

Where did you grow up?

Born in Alabama, raised in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Who runs your household and why?

My wife, Jessica. She is able to manage 3 kids, work as a preschool teacher and tolerate me all while keeping our home. She does an amazing job keeping us all organized and on task!

Use one word to describe yourself?


Where was the last place you traveled?

Our family is headed to Breckenridge this week. We make an annual trip to this small town in the Rocky Mountains. The town is a gem and the skiing is great!

What is your favorite local restaurant?

La Hacienda at the bottom of Cantrell Hill. The tacos are amazing, service is excellent and they serve the best margarita in town!

What is your favorite leisure activity?

Right now, Golf. I’m no good but I do enjoy being outside and the challenge of the game.

Why do you support Baptist Health Foundation?

I believe that at the heart of Baptist Health is the desire to provide excellent patient care to the citizens of Arkansas. The Foundation is in place to help provide financial assistance to the system through philanthropy, increasing Baptist’s chances of success.

Share why you think it’s important for people to support Baptist Health Foundation?

The size and scale of the Baptist Health care system allows us to make an impact across the state. Supporting the Foundation is our best chance to help improve the quality of care for the greatest number of people.