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A Lifelong Connection: Bill Wright’s Story on Baptist Health in His Hometown

Bill Wright has spent most of his adult life in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, a place he has proudly called home since birth. Since 1978, he has witnessed the growth and evolution of his community. Over the years, Bill has served on the Baptist Health Advisory Board in Arkadelphia, appreciating the hospital’s significant impact on the community and its economic development, even though he had never been hospitalized himself.

In January of this year, Bill’s relationship with Baptist Health took on a new and deeply personal significance. Stricken with COVID-19, and after four days without improvement, his doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia and recommended hospitalization. The hospital, conveniently located across from his doctor’s office, admitted him quickly for breathing treatments and care.

Staying in Arkadelphia during such a challenging time proved to be a tremendous blessing for Bill. His family, including his daughter and wife, were able to be with him every day, providing comfort and ensuring he received the best care possible. Alan Wright, a dear friend and therapist, and Dr. Garki, the attending physician, were exceptional in their roles. Their dedication and the attentive care from the nursing staff were instrumental in his recovery. Despite his initial doubts about recovering, their reassurance and expertise made all the difference.

For Bill, having a hospital in a small town like Arkadelphia is crucial for maintaining a high quality of life. Many small-town hospitals across the state have failed, but Arkadelphia has been fortunate to have Baptist Health integrated into the community. Their commitment, alongside generous philanthropic contributions, led to the construction of a new hospital, ensuring continued access to essential healthcare services.

Bill believes it’s vital for everyone to support their local hospital. Baptist Health’s presence in Arkadelphia is a cornerstone of the community’s well-being. Ensuring its continued success means investing in the health and future of the town.

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