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Partnership with Purpose is a Game-Changer

Baptist Health Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with game-changing power for the lives of cancer survivors. Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer organization awarded a $48,000 donation to the foundation to purchase an ERBEJET 2, the first one in the state of Arkansas, for Baptist Health-Little Rock.

“We were waiting for this device to come on board because there’s a tremendous need for this type of surgical procedure,” said Dr. Sven Hida, an International Gastroenterologist at Baptist Health.

Dr. Hida shared that the ERBEJET 2 can remove cancer lesions in the colon, stomach, and elsewhere. The surgical time is shorter and blood loss is minimized because this device allows surgeons to conduct hydrosurgery to selectively dissect and cut tissue gently by waterjet.

“In my latest procedure, there was no bleeding at all. It was 40 minutes, no bleeding whatsoever and the patient went home the next day,” said Dr. Hida.

Donna started Yoga Warriors in honor of her daughter, Queah, who died from colon cancer at the young age of 34.

“When we learned that the ERBEJET 2 was an opportunity for our group to get behind, we were extremely excited because it was something that my daughter could have benefitted from,” Terrell said. “To think this technology can potentially help everyone, but especially young colon cancer survivors, is a great way to honor my daughter’s memory.”

Troy Wells, president and CEO of Baptist Health said, “The Yoga Warriors donation to our Baptist Health Foundation is a great example of a partnership with purpose. This is an opportunity to advance the healing ministry of Baptist Health through purposeful and philanthropic partnerships that have the power to change lives. We are already seeing positive outcomes in the lives of our patients because this technology is now available to our physicians.”

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Check out the video interview below of Donna and Troy as they share the impact of this partnership.