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John Smith Jr. – Story of Healing

Meet John Smith Jr., a true warrior, a proud Arkansan, a loving husband, father, and grandfather. But, most importantly, a survivor. His story is a testament to the exceptional care provided by Baptist Health.

John led an active lifestyle. He is a military veteran with a 26-year career, a pillar of his community, and a devoted family man. However, his life took a sudden turn when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 37, and his health began to deteriorate. This led to a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, which resulted in John needing a heart pump.

Baptist Medical Center came to John’s rescue, providing him with a heart pump, which he lived with for 15 months before he was fortunate enough to receive a heart transplant in 2016.

However, his medical journey didn’t stop there. One Sunday morning, while getting ready for church, John’s wife, Terry, saw something in his face that alarmed her. She suspected her husband might be having a stroke and quickly called an ambulance, setting into motion a chain of events that would save her husband’s life.

John was taken to the Baptist Medical Center in Malvern. Despite being a smaller community hospital, the Baptist Health Malvern facility proved to be instrumental in John’s stroke diagnosis and treatment. The medical staff acted quickly, diagnosing John’s stroke and working to prevent any further damage.

The care he received at Baptist Medical Center in Malvern not only saved his life but also allowed him to continue living a fulfilling life with Terry and their large family.

John’s story is just one example of the powerful impact that Baptist Health has had on countless Arkansan lives. From providing lifesaving treatment to supporting programs and initiatives that promote health in the community, Baptist Health has served as a beacon of hope for so many.