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Brandon Sanders – Story of Healing

Emergencies rarely occur in ideal circumstances. For instance, people don’t think about hospitals when they’re in good health – but the moment an emergency hits – it can be life-changing to have one nearby. 


No one knows this better than Brandon Sanders from Gurdon, Arkansas. Brandon was taking part in his routine like any other day and felt in top shape. He mowed the lawn and enjoyed a nice dinner with his family. However, the next day he woke up with an unbearable pain in his chest.

His wife was concerned, and decided to take him to Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia. In the Emergency Room, they performed an EKG on him and the attending nurse said, “You’re having a pretty massive heart attack.” 

That was a lot to take in, but Brandon didn’t have much time to think. The ER team reacted quickly: “Not even ten minutes of me being there and they put a stent in,” Brandon remembered. 

The Baptist team was able to help Brandon out of a scary situation. His widowmaker was 98% blocked. Brandon’s mom Mary is forever grateful for Baptist Health – “It makes you thank God for those people,” she said. 

Brandon’s uncle Daniel Smith is also grateful. He works in administration at Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia. As an employee he knows firsthand just how important support from the community is in keeping the Arkadelphia facility up and running. “We help save lives,” Daniel said. “We’re not just a pit stop for anyone who comes through and thinks, well, you know this is the closest I can get to. No. This is the best that you can come to.”

Every time you donate to support Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia, the Baptist Health team is able to save lives like Brandon’s. Everyone should have access to quality care – no matter how remote their community might be. Help create more stories of healing when you donate today.